Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Taking Green office supplies to the next level


Our mission is to help everyone make the right choice and participate in making a major change towards good. At the same time, we’re proving that green doesn’t mean more money. We seek to minimise costs for businesses to make green not only the ethical, but also the best economic option.

Greening Up

While we change the way people see green office supplies, we’re also raising the bar in service. We want our customers to come back to us. That’s why every time they pick up the phone or send an email, we’ll be at the other end ready to meet their needs, on time, every time. And there’s no needs that can’t be met. Whatever the request, whenever our customers want them, we’ll be a trusted partner and guarantee reliable and ethical service every time. We provide managed personal accounts that takes care of it all and gives our customers more time to focus on their core business. It’s all part of our mission to transform office supplies from a faceless, automated service, to a personable and personal experience with real people working together on shared goals.

Giving Back

Every step of the way, we’ll be giving back to people and the environment. Whenever you buy from us, every penny of profit goes to great causes.  We employ only people from groups that find it difficult to access work, including (but not limited to) former offenders and the homeless.  The surplus we make will be given to help those families struggling to cope with a family member with Dementia,  the Food2think Charity, our Homeless Projects and other social and environmental work. By sourcing our green office supplies, and more from the UK , we also make sure the green pound is going straight back into Britain, helping in the re-growth of our economy. At the same time, this dramatically reduces emissions compared to imported goods.