Homeless Project

Wouldn't it be great if we could eradicate
homelessness one person at a time through
Office Supply Procurement?

People don’t like to talk about homelessness, we’d rather not think about it. But homelessness isn’t an old tramp on the street anymore (if it ever was). It’s the families who are spending months or years being moved from one B&B to another, trying to keep their children in school, whilst waiting for a permanent home; it’s the choice between feeding your kids beside rough sleepers so you can turn the heating on. It’s people working three jobs but moving from sofa to sofa. It’s the people staying in shelters, in hostels for years, waiting for an independent living home. We feed the homeless every week and we’ve met them all, refugees escaping war, families, a Physics Professor who had a breakdown in the ‘80’s, and a disproportionate representation of Black and Asian people. United through desperation. We work with them too. We’ve helped over 200 people who were at that tipping point, improve their lives by giving them training and real jobs, more of a hand-up rather than a handout. 

It doesn’t need to be this way. Together, let’s end homelessness. Let’s take one homeless person off the streets at a time and change their lives forever.  Each supply contract we win gives us the security to continue growing and giving back. We are committed to social change and ending homelessness. 100% of our profit is donated to some of the most vulnerable people in the country. Whether that’s through providing hot meals on the street through Nightwatch, funding apprenticeships for the homeless to gain valuable work skills or employing homeless people with a Real London Living Wage and job security. It’s a passion close to our hearts. 

Together let’s make a difference. 



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